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Emma believes storytelling is an art. Regaling anecdotes and data whilst encouraging the listener’s imagination, narratives we form can entertain, inform and persuade, but most importantly they can forge deep, meaningful and lasting connections.

Stories explain the world in which we live and capture attitudes, perceptions and connections that cannot be fully expressed. Narratives are a powerful, creative tool which can manifest in a variety of ways- spoken word, images, animations and whole exhibitions. The stories which we tell convey the culture, history and values that unite people.

"Sausages" A short film for Royal Museum Greenwich

A social media project to highlight a favourite object in the Museum Collection.

Animated by Raul Olmo Levitt. 

Poems by W.B Yeats

A series of illustrations to correspond to selected select poems by W.B Yeats. 

P! at The Stanley Picker Gallery

Selected as a member of a working group by Prem Krishnamurthy as part of the P!CKER exhibitions which reconsidered accepted boundaries of contemporary creative practice.

This document is an account of the evolution of the working group. 

A chest of future memories: Dialogues around Contemporary Design in Kazakhstan, British Council     

Selected by the British Council to provide a curatorial concept to promote Kazakh Design at the International Expo 2017 in Astana.

This is the final curatorial concept following a research trip to Almaty, Kazakhstan. 

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